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2 Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (NSW) Inc. President's Message Dear Members, Welcome to what I believe will be my most positive report yet. We have made changes over the last 12 months and have now had an extremely busy quarter and the results are beginning to show. The new Board meeting process is also showing dividends. We now meet via teleconference between face to face meetings. This has reduced agenda size for our face to face meetings allowing for a larger focus on "big plan" strategy. It also means we can respond to Branch issues in a timely manner. At our recent Board meeting significant time was spent finalising plans on two major matters that will place SSAA NSW on the front foot. The first of these is our planned range at Dubbo. The finalisation of the draft plan will, if approved, cater for most SSAA disciplines. Firearms Registry has met with us on site and are working with SSAA NSW to ensure we have a compliant, fantastic range. Firearms Registry are to be commended for being very responsive, allowing us to fast track the project. The other key focus of the Board is the establishment of SSAA NSW RTO (Registered Training Organisation). The RTO is key to SSAA NSW being a positive influencer for all NSW Law Abiding Firearm Owners (LAFO). Like our ranges, the RTO provides an avenue to show the decision makers in government that LAFOs are serious about being the best, safest and most well-trained civilian firearms owners on the planet. This sounds like an overreaching plan, but we know from our research that, to the 96% of people who do not have a firearms license, training, safety and professionalism are extremely important in the normalising and acceptance of our sport. Two new directors of the RTO have been appointed and along with the existing directors, who are all volunteers; have the specific skill sets and the time to finalise the development of the RTO. Our RTO will provide a new source of revenue, with much interest already shown. The constitution review is continuing and has already had considerable input from Branches, the Board, the 2019 AGM and the constitutional roundtable held earlier this year. Further consultation will be had, after which collation and drafting will occur. Our expectation is to present the proposed constitution to the 2020 AGM. Any suggestions are welcome. This is a mammoth task and I sincerely thank everyone who has contributed to date. Jai and I had a productive visit to Registry at the end of July with many issues progressed. There is more work to be done and we will continue to advocate strongly on your behalf. Some of the matters raised were: 1. Communication. 2. Consultative committee. 3. Safe storage. 4. Range Inspections. 5. Range approvals. 6. 5 Stand Danger area template. 7. Suppressor approval. 8. Appearance laws. 9. Match rule approval. 10. License and permits - Mental & Physical health matters. 11. P650 where an answer is yes. 12. Person "not to shoot" advise procedure. 13. Club reporting – Mandatory attendance. 14. Safe shooting instructors. 15. Museum regulation. 16. Range user guide. SSAA NSW has considered the introduction of a SSAA NSW range review function which would help Branches and range managers prepare for Firearms Registry inspections and helping to ensure a consistent approach. Registry were delighted with the concept and agree that there is a strong need for this role. They agreed to work with SSAA NSW for better outcomes all round. Safe storage has been contentious recently with some police commands enforcing "line of sight storage". This means firearms safes in sheds elsewhere on a property, or on a property that is not permanently occupied are considered unacceptable. This created a conversation around consistent transport models for firearms (as they cannot be left on site) and further conversation around cameras and security systems for remote storage. These questions will be answered in time for our next meeting.

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