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Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (NSW) Inc. 2 President's Message If you have been reading the various Forums lately, you'd think SSAA NSW has stopped supporting the Shooters & Fishers Party (S&F). Wrong! So far your SSAA NSW has given the Party $100,000 cash to use in their election campaign. What's more, the SSAA NSW Board recommends the S&F Party uses the money to promote its benefits to the thousands of shooters and fishers who do not belong to the SSAA. Believe me $100K will buy a lot of radio spots state wide. To help our SSAA members in NSW understand the benefits of voting S&F Party we have also offered the following... In February next year we will mail out a full colour, multi page booklet covering their policies to our 50,000 members. SSAA NSW will pay for the printing and distribution costs but it's up to the Party to supply printer ready artwork. Also, SSAA NSW will mail a Shooters & Fishers Party 'How to Vote' leaflet to every member in the days leading up to Election Day. That's two major mail outs and they don't come cheap! Also on offer to the S&F Party will be a phone-in hotline for SSAA members wanting to volunteer to hand out 'How to Vote' leaflets at the Ballot Box on Election Day next March. All up $100,000.00 cash plus the mail outs...That's an extremely generous offer to the Shooters & Fishers Party. I don't know what's causing all the angst amongst non SSAA members on the Forums. We suspect a lot of it is jealousy over our exclusive 3 year National Park partnership and a frustration they can't match the SSAA NSW donation. So, I challenge all the other hunting clubs, associations and fishers to match our donation... but don't hold your breath! How we know what the members want Earlier this year, we commissioned an independent market research company to learn what our members thought of the relationship with the Shooters & Fishers Party and how they saw the future of this relationship. The research showed conclusively that our members want to have two or more shooters in Parliament but they feel the current incumbents are just not connecting with them. There is also a feeling that the Party has been overly aggressive dealing with the Government and that overly large party donations could be better spent on SSAA NSW Ranges. Also they questioned what has been achieved by the S&F Party lately? The SSAA NSW Board hopes these matters will be addressed before next year's election. Resignations As SSAA NSW President, it became clear to me that I had a growing conflict of interest with my involvement with the S&F Party so I have resigned from the Party's Executive and cancelled my Party membership. I believe a couple of members of the SSAA NSW Sydney Branch Committee have also resigned from the S&F Party sighting a conflict of interest. I've heard that the Shooters Party Founder, John Tingle, also quit the Party. All organisations have problems from time to time but with a positive election campaign and a bit of luck the S&F Party will do well next March. SSAA NSW have given them over 100,000 reasons why they should succeed. The way ahead Over the last twelve months or so it became clear to the SSAA NSW Board that we were now working very closely and constructively with the Government, the various departments and the Firearms Registry. We are now committed to a working partnership with Government rather than confrontation and dispute. Finally, I would like to congratulate all the delegates who attended the 2014 AGM and made it a real working session. Also Warren Brown of Griffith was elected to the SSAA NSW Board and made a Life Member of SSAA NSW, well done mate. Executive Director, Diana Melham and her team, are an exceptionally talented crew and together, with the united SSAA NSW Board, we are now, without a doubt, the powerful voice of shooters in NSW. Seeya at the range, Paul McNabb President - SSAA (NSW) Inc. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD READ THIS…

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