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2 Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (NSW) Inc. NSW Firearms Laws: SSAA NSW Position SSAA NSW supports firearms legislation that is evidence-based, not onerous on law- abiding firearms owners and is effective in reducing illegal firearms and gun crime. Specifically, SSAA NSW: • advocates for firearms laws and policy to be evidence-based using sound facts and current data rather than outdated policies, intuition, ideology and emotion; • opposes the introduction of new or amended firearms laws and policy that further restricts law- abiding firearms owners; • asserts that a person who is deemed fit and proper to hold a firearms licence should not be subject to further restrictions regarding ownership and use of firearms and ammunition; • is committed to working with the NSW Government and NSW Police to achieve fair and workable firearms laws that are not onerous on law-abiding firearms owners and that are effective in addressing illegal firearms and gun crime; • advocates for the abolition of the Ammunition Control Bill 2012; • with specific regard to ownership, does not support: registration of legal longarms including the requirement to obtain permits to acquire; categorisation of sporting firearms; restriction of firearms based on their appearance; and, requirements for collectors to render firearms permanently inoperable where they have appropriate safe storage. • with specific regard to licensing, does not support: requirements for different genuine reasons for recreational and sporting use; mandatory attendance requirements for longarms; and, a 10-year exclusion period for licence refusal or cancellation and seizure of firearms, but supports a reduction to 5 years to align with other jurisdictions. • supports the use of silencers/suppressors for recreational and sporting use and asserts that these should be removed from the prohibited firearms list; • advocates for a permanent amnesty of unregistered or unwanted firearms; and, • encourages wide consultation between legislators, regulators, sporting and recreational firearms user groups and industry. As the peak body representing the shooting sports and recreational hunting in New South Wales, SSAA NSW will continue to advocate for sensible and fair firearms laws and oppose unnecessary and unfair restrictions on law-abiding firearms owners.

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