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2 Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (NSW) Inc. President's Message Everyone one of us has it, every SSAA member has Insurance of some kind and we all think of it as a "necessary evil". You probably have insurance for your home, unit, farm, car, firearms, possessions, work tools or job. Insurance gives us financial protection when trouble or disaster strikes. So why am I telling you this? Did you know the SSAA has its own Insurance business, SSAA Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd - The Shooters Broker. They provide the Associations $20 million Public Liability insurance cover that all members enjoy when shooting, competing or hunting. This year I was appointed to the SSAA Insurance Board and it was a real eye opener. The SSAA Insurance Brokerage is a genuine benefit offered with your membership. They can save you the time and trouble of dealing direct with insurance companies. SSAA Insurance Brokers do not charge members any additional broker fees. As a broker they find you the insurance that suits your needs. They will look after all aspects of your insurance including claims, changes and renewals. If you're already using a broker, chances are you're paying brokerage fees. The SSAA Insurance Brokerage does not charge any additional brokerage fees so you may save money straight away plus at the same time helping to build a stronger SSAA. Here's how it works Each year millions of dollars in commissions are paid by the giant insurance companies to insurance salespeople. By using our own SSAA Insurance Brokers you can help to funnel commission earnt on your policies back to the SSAA. All you have to do is transfer your existing policies over to SSAA Insurance Brokers or take out a new policy on something you have just acquired. All future commissions paid on your policies will be paid to the SSAA Insurance Brokers. Then after their running costs are covered there is a substantial dividend paid to the SSAA. So now your commissions are not paying for a salespersons big new boat or mansion. The commissions from your policies flow back to the SSAA helping to keep our membership fees lower. It means more money to fight the fight for your freedoms. More money for new shooting facilities, more money for an even stronger SSAA. Like me I bet you're thinking that transferring your policies to SSAA Insurance Brokers will cost you money. That's not the case and you won't lose any accrued no claim benefits either. I am also told by the boss of SSAA Insurance, Trevor Jenkin that because the brokerage is a member of the Steadfast Group they have access to all the major insurer's products and can look at anything your current insurance broker can offer you. It's so easy to move your insurance business over to the SSAA Insurance Brokerage. They will handle the lot, cars, home and contents, business and any other insurances. All you have to do is tell the SSAA Insurance Brokerage the companies you use and your policy numbers, complete a Letter of Authority provided by SSAA Insurance Brokers and they will do the rest. This will be at no charge. Again you may save money on your current insurance policies as SSAA Insurance Brokers do not charge a fee to SSAA Members for managing their personal insurances like house, car, boat etc. So when your current insurance is due or renewals are coming up, send them to SSAA Insurance Brokers to take a look at them for you and they will find you the best deal available for your situation. They will process the paper work, all you have to do is pay the bill…Like they say on TV…Simple! What's more if you have any claims during the course of your insurance SSAA Insurance Brokers will take care of the claim for you and talk with the insurance company on your behalf. No more waiting on the phone for hours talking to someone that you may not be able to understand. No more endless paper work and forms to fill out. I now regret not using the SSAA Insurance Brokerage when I had my business because I wasted a lot of time fighting with insurance companies over fees, charges and claims!!! MEMBERS CALL IT "THE NECESSARY EVIL".

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