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Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (NSW) Inc. 3 President's Message First, here's a fact worth considering - there is no such thing as national firearms laws. There is the NFA, the National Firearms Agreement and it's just that… an agreement. So how does that work? Every state and territory has its own firearms legislation with modifications that suit the various jurisdictions. In NSW, elements of the revised National Firearms Agreement will soon be law with the revised firearms legislation going before the NSW Parliament mid-June. This review has been an exercise in misinformation, anti-gun lies and spin. I for one can't believe the crap being thrown around regarding the Adler shotgun. Everyone involved in shooting sports knows this shotgun uses a mechanism invented in the 1800s. I believe the Federal and State Governments, Police and Firearms Registries know that legally-registered lever action shotguns have never been used in crime or terrorism. I've even met officials that openly admit it's all about public perception… making the public feel safe in these troubled times… so don't let facts get in the way of a firearms ban! 'Yes Minister' alive and well in NSW During the review process, I have argued the NFA changes with NSW Government MPs, Police and Firearms Registry. I have met with Adrian McKenna, Executive Director, Office of Police as well as Justice's Cath Mackson, also the Police Firearms Squad. Over the last year and a half, I have had countless discussions with senior management from the NSW Firearms Registry. I am also on the NSW Firearms Registry's Stakeholder Forum Group and we meet in regional cities to discuss firearms issues and pass on recommendations to Justice - these meetings are usually attended by a Government MP. But when it comes to getting the facts that support the proposed NFA changes all that seems to be available is a 'yes Minister' answer about the "public good". When Police Minister Troy Grant was Deputy Premier he argued in Canberra that there are no facts to support changes to the NFA but after the Orange bi-election and greyhound fiasco NSW fell into line with the rest of the States. Turnbull Government Minister says the NFA carries no weight As I have already indicated, there is no such thing as national firearms laws. The Turnbull Government Minister leading the NFA review, Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan, is pushing the line that the NFA carries no weight whatsoever and it's an in-principle agreement and if any of the aspects of the agreement are unworkable or unsuitable then the States have the power to deviate from the agreement. This has been confirmed by SSAA National President, Geoff Jones, who represented the SSAA at the Canberra review meetings. Canberra also made sure no State shooting bodies were invited to take part in the NFA process. The Turnbull Government has left the responsibility of implementing the revised NFA to the States so it's a case of "Canberra dreams up the changes but the States take the stick to shooters". As the new legislation works its way through the NSW Parliament you can still voice your concerns. These days street marches, bulk emails and petitions don't work - the communication with politicians has to be personal and from a voter so I suggest you check out the SSAA National Legislative Action (SSAA-LA) website ( au/members/member-action). It outlines how members can pen letters and emails to politicians. The Action Centre on the SSAA NSW website ( index.php/action-centre) has the contact details for all lower house NSW MPs. If you can spare the time, make an appointment to see your local politician and politely explain that his Government should focus on illegal gun importation, unregistered firearms and gun crime… all of which have NOTHING to do with law-abiding licenced sporting shooters. We will have the last laugh I believe SSAA NSW has put up a strong fight at every level but it's been a rigged contest where truth, facts and data were simply not welcome. The Berejiklian State Government might have the last laugh now by implementing changes because of the fiasco called the revised NFA. Next year at the State elections it will be the sports' turn to laugh when sporting shooters all over the State show the Premier and her Government some real facts at the Ballot Box. I thought SSAA-LA's Kate Fantinel summed up the NFA fiasco perfectly when she wrote, "Is anyone actually interested in addressing the illicit firearms market? The whole (NFA) process has been inflammatory and has alienated one million primary voters in tumultuous political times." Seeya at the range, Paul McNabb President SSAA NSW Senior Vice President SSAA National NFA – DON'T LET FACTS GET IN THE WAY OF A FIREARMS BAN

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