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DRAFT FIREARMS REGULATION & PROHIBITED WEAPONS REGULATION Summary of SSAA NSW Submission Below is a list of solutions raised by SSAA NSW in its submission lodged in response to the draft Regulations. For greater detail, please visit the SSAA NSW website for the complete submission. The suggestions included in the SSAA NSW submission provide sensible, workable options to address matters of concern identified by the Association and its members, without raising any risk to public safety. Clauses 11, 13(2), 23(1)(d) – Additional discretionary ground for refusal of licence/permit Remove discretionary power for the Commissioner to refuse a licence/permit where the person has not been prosecuted or convicted of an offence. Clause 12(3) – Mandatory revocation of licence/permit Replace the mandatory obligation on the Commissioner with a discretionary power that allows for the retention of a licence/permit for the genuine reason of target shooting. Clause 27(1)(a) – Conditions of permit Permit conditions imposed by the Commissioner should be limited to those that relate to the principles and objects of the Act which are to promote the safe use of firearms and ensure public safety. Clauses 32(1)(a), 32(3)(b), 34(2)(a), 34(4)(b) – Permission to shoot on rural land Reject the requirement for permission to be on an approved form and retain the existing provision which allows for permission in writing or by statutory declaration. Increase the period for production of written permission from 48 hours to 14 days. Clause 35(3)(a) – Participation in target shooting events and competitions as practice Allow licence holders with recreational hunting/vermin control to participate in target shooting events and competition as practice without being eligible for prizes. A more sensible solution would be to combine the current target shooting and recreational hunting/vermin control genuine reasons into one recreational shooting genuine reason. Clause 48 – Recording of ammunition transactions Remove the requirement to record transactions for ammunition completely. Clauses 56, 58(1)(a), 96(8) – Minimum age for a minor's firearm permit Reduce the minimum age for a minor's firearm permit to 10 years. Clause 62(4)(a) – Museum firearms to be rendered permanently inoperable Retain the existing provision where museum collection firearms need only be rendered temporarily inoperable. Clause 71 – Use of cannon in competition Include participation in target shooting competitions as a purpose for a cannon permit. Clause 79(5) – Large calibre handgun matches Increase the number of matches that are approved for use with high calibre handguns. Clause 94(2)(c) – Shooting events and competitions approved for ranges Remove requirement for shooting events or competitions to be approved and, therefore remove the requirement for these to be approved for individual ranges. Approve ranges for specific criteria such as firearm types, calibres, target types, shooting positions and range danger area 'RDA'; thus, leaving the types of events and competitions that are conducted to the discretion of the range approval holder, providing these are conducted within the approved criteria for the range. (Continued Page 6)

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