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Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (NSW) Inc. 3 President's Message It's been a frantic time for all concerned with the production of the SSAA NSW Firearms Regulation Review submission. Apart from trying to spot any changes they were trying to slip through under the radar, we were given less than a month to prepare our report. However, in late July I was invited to attend a meeting at the Firearms Registry in Murwillumbah to discuss our position on the Review and hear of any proposed changes. The meeting was also attended by three high-level representatives of other shooting organisations. From the Registry, there was the Director as well as their internal legal and Police Officers. Also attending were Mr. Adrian McKenna, Director and Head of the Office for Police and Ms. Cath Mackson, Principal Policy Analyst from the Office for Police. These two high level Public Servants work directly with and advise the Minster for Police and the Police Commissioner. Having the Office for Police in attendance meant I could not get a better forum to present the SSAA NSW case. There was no political posturing or table thumping, just common-sense discussion supported by facts. I was able to explain firsthand how many of the existing Regulations are just plain unnecessary and how they unfairly affect SSAA NSW members. The firearms "appearance" issue was discussed and for the first time "functionality" should become part of the equation when judging the appearance of a long arm. For instance, if a bolt-action .223 long- arm is dressed up to look "different", underneath it all it is still a bolt-action .223. No matter how much the appearance is changed it does NOT become a military semi auto!!!! I believe this message got across. Also, suppressors were discussed and a case for registering suppressors like firearms or extra barrels got a good hearing. I believe there is opposition from the Police on suppressors but when registration becomes part of the equation, I would think the Police will find it hard to argue this restriction on law-abiding sporting shooters. Unfortunately, there was little enthusiasm for more high calibre handguns matches but I will continue to fight for NSW to at least have the same as Victorian shooters. I also presented many other ways they could improve the Regulations to reduce needless red-tape which, in no way, impacts on public safety. Following this meeting the entire group, including Mr McKenna and Ms. Mackson travelled to a public forum on shooting sports in Lismore. The meeting was extremely well-attended and two members of the SSAA NSW Board, Lance Miller from Coffs Harbour and Scott Wagner from Northern Rivers both raised issues of concern to SSAA NSW members. I noticed Ms. Mackson taking notes on many points raised by the local shooters. I believe the Murwillumbah meeting with the Registry, other interested shooting bodies and Office for Police Executives, was a highly effective and productive meeting. I expressed our concerns and backed them up with facts, facts and more facts. Nobody can predict what will be the final outcome of the Regulations Review but SSAA NSW has presented a strong case backed by common sense and facts. You can read a summary of the points raised in our submission on pages 2 and 6 – for more detail, please visit the SSAA NSW website for the complete submission. Also, in late July we circulated the submission to members and Branches and the feedback has been excellent. Finally, I would like to thank all the Branches and members who sent in submissions for the Regulation Review. Please send a copy of your submission to the SSAA NSW Office so we can circulate them to our Branches across the State for discussion. Seeya at the range, Paul McNabb President SSAA NSW Senior Vice President SSAA National THE FINAL COUNTDOWN – THE 2017 NSW FIREARMS REGULATION REVIEW

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