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2 Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (NSW) Inc. President's Message The highlight of the recent events must be the SHOT Expo hosted by SSAA NSW. This was a huge event taking up all three halls at Rosehill for the first time. The event is generally organised by an exhibitions company but as usual it was our volunteers and staff from both NSW and National that made the event successful, along with the interesting stands set up by the exhibitors. On behalf of SSAA NSW I want to thank the exhibitors, the event organisers, the staff and the volunteers for making SHOT Expo 2018 so interesting and so successful. There was a significant increase in attendances thanks to their efforts. Another highlight was the AGM held in May. We had two new directors elected, Carl Smith and Chris Gosling, while Warren Brown and myself were re- elected. The current board is: 1. Lance Miller - President Coffs Harbour 2. Roy Butler - Snr Vice President Dubbo 3. Rob Austin - Jnr Vice President Southern Highlands 4. Warren Brown Griffith 5. Ben Smith Forbes 6. Scott Wagner Northern Rivers 7. Stephen Bowler Tenterfield 8. Carl Smith Tenterfield 9. Chris Gosling Grafton A feature of the AGM was the Market Research session that sought delegates views on the topics of the research project. The session ran overtime but the delegates continued to provide feedback and it was a positive way to end the 2018 AGM. There is a separate article that covers the outcomes of the member research comprehensively so all that I will add is that this research really is the foundation that will help us plan the next 5 years and beyond for SSAA NSW. Roy Butler, our current SVP, has nominated to run for the seat of Barwon as a representative of the Shooters Fishers & Farmers Party (SFFP) for next years state election. Roy has stated a desire to collaborate with SSAA NSW to deliver results for shooters. Good Luck Roy. At the last National SSAA Board meeting it was announced that SSAA could now run registered coaching. You would think that was normal, except we could not do registered coaching in the past which is what was really unusual. This still doesn't give us a direct pathway to Olympic and Commonwealth competition, but it is a tremendous boost for the competitive shooting sports, given our numbers, and a great asset to help develop junior shooters from within our membership. Bridget Mackenzie who is the federal Sports Minister had some influence in this helpful decision. National have created a new position for Gemma Dunn. Gemma is an international competitor, a certified coach, a proven team manager and has some great ideas as she takes up her new role in SSAA. The combination of registered coaching and bringing Gemma on board will greatly assist SSAA disciplines and junior shooters. The following is a shameless plug for your safety and the SSAA store. Some of you may believe that because the prices for the product on the store are cheap then the product is likewise cheap. This is not true. Ron Bryant is the National director managing the SSAA store and Ron sources quality product that is then offered to us at low cost as a member service. On page 102 of the current Australian Shooter magazine are some shooting glasses that are worth a look. Most ranges now enforce enclosed footwear and appropriate hearing protection on the firing line, but eye protection does not seem to have the same priority. If you have ever blown a primer on a rifle that doesn't have a shroud covering the firing pin path you will know that eye protection should be a high priority. It should be a high priority even if you haven't had hot gas and powder particles slamming into your

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