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2 Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (NSW) Inc. President's Message Your 2019 Board of Directors The AGM saw some changes to the SSAA NSW Board. Thank you to all candidates who made the commitment to offer themselves to support our Organisation. We are made up of Volunteers and the commitment made by each candidate is a fundamental reason why SSAA NSW continues to successfully operate at a Board, Discipline, Branch and range level. Your Board members are: President Lance Miller, ongoing Senior VP Rob Austin, promoted from JVP Junior VP Ben Smith, promoted from Director Director Warren Brown, ongoing Director Stephen Bowler, ongoing Director Chris Gosling, ongoing Director Tim Barry, new appointment Director Danae Jenkins, new appointment Director Garrett Robinson, new appointment I am pleased with this Board as there is a strong mix of business management, Governance, Human Resources, Finance & Planning and further SSAA specific skills in NSW Regulations, range reviews and discipline management. The Board was undermanned in crucial committee positions and the new Directors have been appointed to serve, supporting the other hard-working Directors. AGM 2019 Last year the message for the 2018 AGM is "The need for change". This year for 2019 the message was "A year of change – a future of growth". This year it was very important to show – to prove – to the delegates how much change has been achieved and what this future of growth would look like. The changes and future will be touched on in the remainder of my report, but the simplest definition is: Outward Focus. 1. Member services. We shift our focus out of the office and onto our Volunteers and our Members. a. Look at the Strategic Plan outcomes later in this report. 2. Aligned sport. We shift from being internally focused and onto relationships with other shooting organisations. a. Look at the Relationships section of this report. 3. Alignment with community. We learnt a lot from our research about how to reach out to achieve this goal. a. The training initiatives are a key step along with a new public relations direction. 4. Focus on Government & Regulators and the reality of what LAFO and training really means. a. We are law abiding and we have the licenses and Police checks to prove it. b. Along with this we are training better and embrace every aspect of public safety. The AGM brought forward a significant number of action items for the Board. I am pleased with the outcomes from the AGM and planning has already started to deliver an even better AGM focused on our future and you the Members. A pleasing outcome was the engagement of more delegates in the various debates that are the process of an AGM. There are some that are naturally more engaged at the AGM but having all delegates contributing is the best outcome moving forward. Relationships Our process of respecting and communicating with all shooting positive organisations is now really paying dividends. We are concentrating on what we have in common and thereby creating a stronger voice. The Hon. Robert Borsak from the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party (SFFP) provided the AGM dinner keynote address. We also had an outgoing Senior Vice President report from new SFFP Member of Parliament Mr. Roy Butler. Although SSAA NSW and SFFP are autonomous organisations we have worked together to generate a relationship that is in the best interests of all LAFO's. We are at our strongest when we all work together. We have made representation to the Government and Opposition highlighting SSAA NSW values and our significant membership. We have our own matters to pursue as well as supporting our relationships with all shooting groups in NSW for the benefit of all LAFO's. Strategic Plan April saw the development of our new Strategic Plan. The following four key points are core to the new plan. 1. We will have a positive impact on all our Members, Branches, Affiliate Clubs and Volunteers. 2. Empowering our Members. 3. Creating an organisation to be proud of. 4. Having a competitive edge. There is much more to a Strategic Plan, with ideals and outcomes to achieve and plans of how to achieve those outcomes, but core to the plan is a better volunteer and member experience. Hi Members and welcome to the July 2019 NSW Shooter

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